Floating two Straw!!!

Bare foot, I was wondering,
Walking in garden,
Saw her,
Walking her Dog,
With dew in her hair,
From the spider nets,
Within the shades of water droplets,
I got her glance.

I walked to her,
Called her by name,
The meet after 10 years,
Was just like a dream.
Carefully decided on time,
To meet.

The old love sparked,
We remembered those days,
Lucky for me she was still same,
We did hold our hands,
And planned to recreate
What we did at our last meet.
We walked out,

After a while I can feel her breaths,
It was the feel, what we imagined,
The breath of our did appear,
Our breath were warm,
And lips were flickering
The leading kiss was passionate,
The waves were slow,
We floated over it,
As if joined together were two straw.