I Am Sorry!

10849760_719038058192913_1804122520339605633_nI am sorry, I shouted at you,
I am sorry I got angry,
I am sorry that I was not there,
But it was not something,
I ever expected,
I didn’t know you will be lost,
I didn’t know I will never see you,
I was angry that you kept me waiting,
I was angry that you didn’t see me,
But I never knew that unhappy I will be last,
Which talked to you.

I am still angry,
You didn’t fill the promise,
You said you will come back,
You promised that I will be the one,
You will first meet.
And look at you! You are gone,
Leaving us all in shock,
And a promise which will make me regret,
My last anger for life.

You remember,
It wasn’t long when we got close,
We shared bench, we shared lunch,
Taking nap during break,
Cracking jokes and pulling pranks,
I have always missed that,
You remember,
4th bench of the first row,
For All the 4 years,
Yes you missed one,
And you bragged about that one,
That you had so much fun.

I hope it was not true,
I hope you were all fine,
I hope you still there to dance,
Like a maniac, like a drunkard,
I hope that we can still pull your legs,
Tell you off for the flirt you were,
I hope I was not angry,
On the last call,
I hope I had the chance to say,
But it is late, you are gone,
And all I can do is to say it again, I am sorry!


बना गए हमे यतीम!!!

One of my favourite teacher Mr B. K. Jaiswal unfortunately met a Car Crash and left this world leaving us in sorrow and grief.  May his Wife Neelam Madam and kids get enough strength to come over this hard time. This is my tribute for him.  May his soul rest in peace!

है रोता दिल मेरा आज,
बना गए यतीम वो ,
जिनकी छांव में सीखा हमने,
छोड़ गए हमे वो|
हमने तो चढ़ी थी सीढियाँ,
पग उठाया था हमने कभी,
साथ आपका कैसे भूलूं,
सिखाया आपने हर बार सही|

वो हँसता चेहरा,
वो होसले भरे शब्द,
गुनगुनाना संगीत जब मोका मिले तब,
कैसे भूलूं वो लम्हे वो छण|
कई दिल रोते हैं,
आज आपके गम में,
बुझ गया वो एक दिया,
जिसने बढाई रौशनी हममे|

हे खुदा तेरा हमने क्या बिगाड़ा,
क्या लिया है हमने तेरा,
छीन लेता है तू उन सबको,
जो बने सहारा मेरा,
तेरी हर एक कटाक्ष मेरे सिने
पर ही क्यों चलती है,
तेरी बदले की प्यास
क्यों नहीं बुझती है|

है रोता दिल मेरा आज,
बना गए यतीम वो ,
जिनकी छांव में सीखा हमने,
छोड़ गए हमे वो|