Give me independence,
I want to fly,
As you know what ever I try,
I need my string to be,
In your hand,
Because if you let that go,
I will be snatched,
May be tore apart,
Owned by someone else,
Or I will die.
So give me enough space,
Give me independence,
I am happy to have you some control,
Because I know it is you in end,
Who keeps me sane.
Who allows me space,
Enough so I feel
Independence in Bondage.



इंतेजार था मुझे, थी एक आशा बंधी,
जीता था हर दिन,
हर पल रहती थी ये चाहत,
मिलेगी वो राह चलते,
इस पग पर या उस पथ पर।
कैसे पहचानेगी उन आँखों को,
ये आँखें मेरी,
भय था कि पास आ कर भी,
हो न जाये फिर वो दूर कहीं,
करता था मैं दुआ हर वक़्त उस खुदा से,
रहना नहीं अकेले अब बस मेरे!
कह गया ग़ालिब गुजरते मेरे बगल से,
वक़्त सिर्फ लाता नहीं तोहफे बिना किसी खत के!!

Distant Love

Every time I see that face, 
I just want to kiss that lips,
Kiss those eyes, 
I imagine feeling your breath,
The warmth, 
I want you to hold me, 
And tell me stories,
And I smile looking at that face. 
Those big eyes,
That big smile, 
Makes me question the maker,
Why can’t I fly.

Floating two Straw!!!

Bare foot, I was wondering,
Walking in garden,
Saw her,
Walking her Dog,
With dew in her hair,
From the spider nets,
Within the shades of water droplets,
I got her glance.

I walked to her,
Called her by name,
The meet after 10 years,
Was just like a dream.
Carefully decided on time,
To meet.

The old love sparked,
We remembered those days,
Lucky for me she was still same,
We did hold our hands,
And planned to recreate
What we did at our last meet.
We walked out,

After a while I can feel her breaths,
It was the feel, what we imagined,
The breath of our did appear,
Our breath were warm,
And lips were flickering
The leading kiss was passionate,
The waves were slow,
We floated over it,
As if joined together were two straw.

Love and Kiss


Word are not something which can say what love is,
The meaning is so hard to put on papers,
It is something which let’s one skip a beat,
Or force the eye shut,
It is something you feel inside,
The love is an orgasm without actually having one.


I am not very clear, I am thought less,
About how I feel while getting kissed,
I am not sure, I even forget,
Who took the first leap,
I just remember the feel, the softness,
I remember the fume of her sweet smell,
The warmth of her breath with my every heartbeat,
I only remember the feel of how she felt.

Love Circle

I was walking on it,
Going round and round,
Every time I see you,
Was sent back to start point,
There didn’t seem a way out,
Nor I could escape,
Thought will go away with time,
But couldn’t drift away.

I pretend,
To be normal, to be polite,
While I face you, I stay quite,
But in my heart I want to skip,
As I know the emotions will grow,
And than will break,
Same as ice kept in sun will melt
And vapour away.

Still going in round,
On the circle everyday,
Will have to bear till we depart,
From the path we take,
Today and everyday.

तेरे एहसास है पास मेरे!!

ऐसा पहली बार हुआ नहीं,
कुछ नया हुआ नहीं,
सोच हर बार की तरह,
है उसी मोड़ पर खड़ी,
तेरी मौजूदगी है नहीं,
फिर भी तेरे एहसास है पास मेरे!!

सपना है ये जनता हूँ,
सच सा लगता है मुझे,
सपनो की दुनिया में जी रहा,
खुद को पूरा सा महसुस कर रहा,
तुझको न पाकर मैं हार रहा,
लेकिन ज्यादा गम न है दिल में मेरे!!

थी मेरे दिल में तू,
जिस दिन से मैंने देखा तुझे,
कोशिश की भुला दूँ तुझे,
बस मेरा न चला उसपर,
रहेगी तू दिल में मेरे,
जब तक चलेंगे साँस मेरे!!

कुछ नया है नहीं,
है सब कुछ वैसा ही,
देखा जिस दिन से तुझे,
चाहत मेरी गयी नहीं,
तेरी मौजूदगी है नहीं,
फिर भी तेरे एहसास है पास मेरे!!

A hope!!!

Falling from the sky,
The Blue,
The Grey,
I see!
The moisture,
The Droplet,
I feel!

Dipping in the sea,
The Dark,
The grey,
I see!
The salt,
The Hard
I feel!

Walking to home,
The house,
The kids,
I see!
The breeze,
The wave,
I feel!

But in all these one thing is common,
It’s your face I see,
It’s you whom I feel,
And the fear is out!
With a smile!

I fall, I swim,
With a hope that one day,
I will get home to see you there!
I will get home to feel you there!

I only see you


In the times of dark, you are the shine I see,
In the times of deep sorrow you are the smile I see,
In the times of failure, you are the rope I see,
In the time of loneliness, you are the soul-mate I see,
It is you why I always see the hope of light!
In your glimpse of shine there is the brightness I see!!


You make me speechless!!!

I get numb, I loose my speech,
Every time I see you,
I forget what to speak?
Next time I see her,
I will ask her out! I will say her all,
This or that I will pour it all out,
That’s all I think until our next meet!

But when I see you
The thoughts drain like rain water,
All dreams shatter,
All is left a face which admire you,
And want to say a lot,
But says you hi and rest all he forgot!

One day will come.
I will be sitting by your side,
Holding your hands and admiring
What I have, That’s how I dream,
But for now, Every time I see you,
I want to scream, but I feel numb,
Loose my speech and
Forget what I have to speak!!!