I Am Sorry!

10849760_719038058192913_1804122520339605633_nI am sorry, I shouted at you,
I am sorry I got angry,
I am sorry that I was not there,
But it was not something,
I ever expected,
I didn’t know you will be lost,
I didn’t know I will never see you,
I was angry that you kept me waiting,
I was angry that you didn’t see me,
But I never knew that unhappy I will be last,
Which talked to you.

I am still angry,
You didn’t fill the promise,
You said you will come back,
You promised that I will be the one,
You will first meet.
And look at you! You are gone,
Leaving us all in shock,
And a promise which will make me regret,
My last anger for life.

You remember,
It wasn’t long when we got close,
We shared bench, we shared lunch,
Taking nap during break,
Cracking jokes and pulling pranks,
I have always missed that,
You remember,
4th bench of the first row,
For All the 4 years,
Yes you missed one,
And you bragged about that one,
That you had so much fun.

I hope it was not true,
I hope you were all fine,
I hope you still there to dance,
Like a maniac, like a drunkard,
I hope that we can still pull your legs,
Tell you off for the flirt you were,
I hope I was not angry,
On the last call,
I hope I had the chance to say,
But it is late, you are gone,
And all I can do is to say it again, I am sorry!


Your smile gives me smiles!!!

I sleep with your thoughts,
I dream of you in my sleep,
I wake up imagining you in front,
My life has turned upside down
It’s more about you than it’s  mine.

The moments we spend together,
The silence we share,
The laughs we have together,
Our feeling which we care,
It feels like my life has turned so fair.

My dreams see you every night,
My memories remembers your smile,
My eye finds your eyes whenever it can,
My hand feel you presence,
It’s is so much that it feels insane.

I cannot call myself yours
Nor I will be able to call you mine,
You have your priorities,
With one of your own choice
You have your dreams align!

But under a different relation tagline
We will grow and we will see each other rise.
One thing I can promise you,
I will be happy in your every smile,
And feel relax every time you shine.



Ones our life are blessed with,
You don’t see them everyday,
But when you do it is amazing,
Memories comes down rolling!

Feels as blessing,
In the lane of memories,
Where you think you are lost,
They always have your back,

They are there to hold your hands!
In your trouble and pain,
They laugh with you,
They laugh on you,
But the love never fades away,

Once in a while
When you are all grown up
Every meet is like going through
The album full of smiles and few pain!

Friends are their,
In your best and in your pain!

दोस्ती एक अजीब रिश्ता! [Friendship]

When all-around everyone is talking about friendship day,  I went in my thoughts, those every moment I spent with friends. How precious they are for me? And By- default 😛 they are one of the most amazing days. Every one of them are precious in my life and all of them make my life look beautiful. Just can’t express all what I feel right now! But Yo frens here is just a tiny Hint  how important you all are in my life! Thanks for being the part of my life!

दोस्ती एक अजीब रिश्ता,
एक एहसास किसी के साथ का,
फल एक अनजाने से मुलाकात का,
साथ साथ हसने का, खिलखिलाने का,
हर गम, दुःख बाटने का|

वो हर पल जो बिताये हमने,
यारों के बीच, अनजानों! जो बने अपने के बीच,
एक हसीं सपने सी बन गयी है जीवन में,
हर दोस्त जीवन माला में मोती बन,
बना गए अमूल्य हर एक वो पल|

आज अकेला हो कर भी अकेला लगता नहीं,
दोस्तों से बात करके जी भरता नहीं,
उनकी हसी मुस्कराहट भर जाती है,
गम उनका फ़ेंक देता है पत्थर जैसे सीने पे,
सोच से परे है वो ख्याल बिना दोस्तों के जीने के|

ए खुदा खुश हूँ तुने बनाया है ये रिश्ता,
हर रिश्ते से अलग मगर अमूल्य हर रिश्ते सा,
जिनसे हर बात बोल लेता हूँ बिना चोट पहुंचाए उन्हें,
जो समझ लेते हर बात बिना कोई बात बताये,
बन गए जो अपने बिना खून का रिश्ता बनाये|

दोस्ती एक अजीब रिश्ता,
एक एहसास किसी के साथ का,
फल एक अनजाने से मुलाकात का,
साथ साथ हसने का, खिलखिलाने का,
हर गम, दुःख बाटने का|