Give me independence,
I want to fly,
As you know what ever I try,
I need my string to be,
In your hand,
Because if you let that go,
I will be snatched,
May be tore apart,
Owned by someone else,
Or I will die.
So give me enough space,
Give me independence,
I am happy to have you some control,
Because I know it is you in end,
Who keeps me sane.
Who allows me space,
Enough so I feel
Independence in Bondage.


Distant Love

Every time I see that face, 
I just want to kiss that lips,
Kiss those eyes, 
I imagine feeling your breath,
The warmth, 
I want you to hold me, 
And tell me stories,
And I smile looking at that face. 
Those big eyes,
That big smile, 
Makes me question the maker,
Why can’t I fly.