Life is my teacher!!!

​Drips and drops, 

I walk on rocks, 

Living my life in freedom, 

Finding my own spot,

Let the flow be against me,

Let it be as cold it can,

But I find what I wish to, 

In the dark, 

On the hard rock. 

A string is enough for me to balance, 

The focus is on my own strength,

My life has taught me things, 

Everywhere, the splash of knowledge, 

Is what I see!!


I see the Heaven!!

Before the sun is up,
Birds are getting started,
From the trees and building,
I see the heaven!

The shadows are faded,
The sky is bright,
Within the red and yellow,
Birds are the angle!

2016-04-10 11.36.33-1
I see the Heaven



I Am Sorry!

10849760_719038058192913_1804122520339605633_nI am sorry, I shouted at you,
I am sorry I got angry,
I am sorry that I was not there,
But it was not something,
I ever expected,
I didn’t know you will be lost,
I didn’t know I will never see you,
I was angry that you kept me waiting,
I was angry that you didn’t see me,
But I never knew that unhappy I will be last,
Which talked to you.

I am still angry,
You didn’t fill the promise,
You said you will come back,
You promised that I will be the one,
You will first meet.
And look at you! You are gone,
Leaving us all in shock,
And a promise which will make me regret,
My last anger for life.

You remember,
It wasn’t long when we got close,
We shared bench, we shared lunch,
Taking nap during break,
Cracking jokes and pulling pranks,
I have always missed that,
You remember,
4th bench of the first row,
For All the 4 years,
Yes you missed one,
And you bragged about that one,
That you had so much fun.

I hope it was not true,
I hope you were all fine,
I hope you still there to dance,
Like a maniac, like a drunkard,
I hope that we can still pull your legs,
Tell you off for the flirt you were,
I hope I was not angry,
On the last call,
I hope I had the chance to say,
But it is late, you are gone,
And all I can do is to say it again, I am sorry!

A poet

A gentle heart, overwhelmed with thoughts,
Scribbled papers, inked hands,
Pouring what inside,
It may make sense to one,
And not to other,
That make one a writer.

Turning shadows in to mountains,
The morning in to paintings,
A God on papers,
Scientists by mind,
Can imagine a world of nonexistent,
That’s how the writers are!

Year of changes!!

Not every day is same, not is the year,
Why to worry then, why to fear,
For me, it was a year of change,
Books and lecture changed into office hours,
Cold and wet weather changed to dry and hot,
From the gravel beach to Delhi roads,
It was the year I moved a lot.

Just not for me,
Life changed for people around too,
Wedding bells for quite few I knew,
For many, 9 to 5 routine was in queue,
But I am pleased with all the change,
And I hope others feel the same.

With the lessons from the year last,
I am moving ahead and moving fast,
With the wish for the others and myself,
Be the coming days are exciting and full of smile,
Hope there is peace and days are less stressed,
And people find strength in each other’s hand!

Smiling in Ruins!!

The sun is bright,
In the morning chills,
Let me play with little I have,
Because who cares,
About the limits I have,
Let the world know,
I can smile in ruins.

The little space,
In the garbage yard,
Is the tennis, football,
Or whatever ground you call,
I have big dreams but,
I also know I can laugh with,
The people I have.

I can rise I can grow,
I am not that Tech friendly,
That I know,
But childhood is mine,
Which I deserve to live,
Let me shine in the sun I have,
Let the world see,
I can smile even in the ruins.

New Man in the city

I am just other new man,
In the city where I can,
Live and Dream,
Shape my life,
Maybe it is not that easy as it seem,
But I can decide,
And be visible and be seen.

There is bit chaos,
And the peace is limited,
But I am ready to pay the price,
Because worth it may.
I hope to find, the key I want,
To open a new door,
To find a new shine.

The thought I had,
When I walked in the city,
With hope and will to be the star,
To be the man I want you to be.
I am just other new man,
In this new city.

Sisters: A small note for You!

Growing with you,
Walking with you,
Every moment spent with you,
Wouldn’t be easier,
If it was not with you.

You were there
To talk me through,
In the rough,
And in smooth.
you kept me on ground,
With my heads up above.

We fought,
We argued,
It was all for good,
And made it better,
Even we live far away,
But seems we are always together.

There is nothing I can do,
To thank you enough,
But one thing I can promise you,
You just need to think of me,
In your high and your lows,
I will be there,
Before a second Goes.

Growing with you,
Walking with you,
Every moment spent with you,
Wouldn’t be easier,
If it was not with you.

I wish!!!

Just add it to the list,
The favor list you asked for!
I wish you could be,
Grateful by heart,
Just saying thank you,
Doesn’t pay it off!!

I never desire,
Anything in back,
But I wish,
You would be obliged,
With what I did,
Whenever you asked!!

I am disappointed,
I felt that I was used,
I wish you have been less cruel,
While being ruthless
As you are being now!!

It’s your Life,
And you have full right,
To live it the way you want,
But I wish youhaven’t
Destroyed mine!!

I hope you do realize,
You were wrong,
You shouldn’t have played me,
In the way you are,
Still I wish you are blessed,
With everything you desire!!

Why life???

Hey life,
Why you act like this,
Just like my earphones,
I Keep you unraveled every time,
But when take out you next,
You are tangled again,
You are jumbled up again!

Hey life,
Why you act like this,
Just like my wardrobe,
One day I feel proud,
To see you so organised and nice,
But when I open you in a week,
You are unsettled again,
You are messy again.

Hey life,
Why you act like this,
Just like my Internet router,
One moment I feel so glad,
To see your speed,
But when I want to make most of it,
You are slow,
You are weak!

Hey life,
Why are you so unsettled,
Why are not always,
As you seems!!!

Inspired from two lines by my friend ‘Rupesh Kumar’ हर बार सुलझा कर रखता हूँ,हर बार उलझी हुई मिलती है
ए ज़िन्दगी तेरे मिज़ाज़ मेरी earphone सी क्यों है…..!