Smiling in Ruins!!

The sun is bright,
In the morning chills,
Let me play with little I have,
Because who cares,
About the limits I have,
Let the world know,
I can smile in ruins.

The little space,
In the garbage yard,
Is the tennis, football,
Or whatever ground you call,
I have big dreams but,
I also know I can laugh with,
The people I have.

I can rise I can grow,
I am not that Tech friendly,
That I know,
But childhood is mine,
Which I deserve to live,
Let me shine in the sun I have,
Let the world see,
I can smile even in the ruins.


Gola ..a survivors support 😍


Gola, made of ice,
Have it, it is worth its price!
Red or green, it has colour!
Sweet or sour, it has taste!
Keeps you cool in Delhi heat,
And bring your childhood once again!