I heard a giggle. Who are you? I asked after the tingling of the sound in my ear.
Me, the voice chuckled again, I am the one in your lap. You can’t see me. You can’t recognize the one who sweat your thighs everyday by the warmth of her body. You are betraying me by asking that you stupid. Hey how can you do that to me? Huh!
I was I really was shocked. I was unable to spot anyone around me but can hear the chuckling of the voice clearly as nobody was around me. I decided to spot the direction of the voice by continuing the conversation. I asked, “Can you please elaborate what are you trying to say in case of your introduction”? I am the one giving you warm massage daily all over you naked thighs, giving gentle press to your fingers. I am the one whom you stare without any blink for hours every day. I am your full time entertaining love my darling.
I was going bit crazy with counter attack of the blames. It was hard to figure out the auditor and my oral-meters were unable to spot the direction of the sound. It seemed it was hovering all around me. It seemed it was coming from my inside. However, the voice continued. Still not able to recognize me! Love, how can you do this to me? There was a tremble in the voice this time. You have spent so many days with me. We have so many day outs and night outs together. We have many crazier moments, many fun moments. We have made your bed scramble all over when you were with me in night. You have used me over nights. You have pressed my externals tightly some times on right some times on left one which have always changed my status, have scrolled your finger over it. whenever I was too warm by your use then you have released me from your catch to let me cool down. And why now? Please don’t do this to me.
With a where-are-you-my-unknown-love gesture, I was following all the directions around me. Trying to spot some one behind the chair, the T.V., the wooden bookcase by bending my back backwards, was leaning forward and by every possible movements of my body. Than it seemed that I was day dreaming and I really was. However, I want have a look at the beauty of my dream, the one who was just so much in me.
The voice became more like crying after my facial gesture. It continued I know each and every thing about your family. Don’t you have two sisters and a younger brother? Didn’t you go to UK and again going this September? And you are taking me with you. Aren’t you? (I had no answer as I was not in position to afford any other passport and visa cost.) Moreover, with a jealousy in her sound she said don’t you had crushes in past. See I know everything. I know you and your privates. Don’t you have a black spot on the inner part of your right arm? Don’t you have a cut mark on the left shoulder given by your sister in mistake? I know about the story you are writing and who the real characters of your half imaginary are.
All over it seemed that the voice knew me from my toe to hair tip. Now I was being intolerant. I want to have look of the character behind the voice. I asked, no I almost begged the voice to come out of the hide, to calm down mine eagerness by giving at least a look of her face.
The voice started to laugh on my situation. In addition to her she said, I am in your front my dumb ass darling. I am the one closest to you. I am your lappy (laptop).
Whatever the voice told was very true. And the voice left with nothing then an ear to ear grin.