Cricket World cup Vs Independence

I wasn’t among the group of people fighting for freedom neither was I among the People celebrating the moment we got Independence. I didn’t see the life before Independence that keeps me beyond the limit of comparing what change it came from my view.

Whereas I was among the People cheering for team India throughout the World Cup and I was among the people celebrating the winning of Indian Cricket Team clutching over the cup After 28 Years.  I was not the witness of both situations as it is beyond my age limit. However, I can tell you how India was feeling before and after World cup finale.

The celebration over the win was beyond India boundaries. Indian couldn’t resist them self with the rules of the country they were staying in. They were over joyed to think about anyone else. They were right or wrong at that position I don’t Know but the joy was telling the attachment they have with their country.

Now if we compare other factors between the two situations we can confirm a big win of World cup over Independence.  Where Independence left us with a broken country with hatred between the two countries “INDIA and PAKISTAN”, this world cup left us with a hope of good relation between the two countries.  Meeting of Prime ministers Mr. Gilani and Mr. Singh had shown us the light back which appeared to be in While Mr. Vajpayee was flourishing the post.

There are similarities too.  Independence gave us pride as well as burden to maintain it, the same did the world cup. The glory, the pride and the joy Indians felt when the Team was crowned with Champions title a hope; a wish emerged in many hearts we deserve to feel this and want to maintain the feeling.  Independence reunited us and Cricket has been doing this over years.

New upcoming slogan should Be “ JAI JAWAN , JAI KISAN , JAI Cricket”

[Below are the links to some VIDIOS of The celebration over the world for this moment.]



Texas US


Australia, Adelaide

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Watch my steps!!!

I took a step, a step to move

On a rocky path thought to walk smooth,

Was not as easy as was to think,

Had a fear to fall down or to sink!

But I decided to walk to keep ahead,

Carried dedication to be motivated!


I had a dream, a dream to be in list

A list of successful,

I had a wish, a wish to be always

On the ground,

I have a thought, a thought for others,

To be kind

With above all, I took a step.


Up and downs, part of life

To compare, to share

To realize the chance to be aware,

Which part of mine, bring me down,

To put me in shame and with other claims,

Watching not to repeat, I took the step.


Thinking that I left the marks

Of every right step, and cleaned them off

Which have lot of mistake

That anyone following can take it,

And become the Land mark

For them who will come back.


I took a step, a step to move

On a rocky path thought to walk smooth.

Early to rise!!!

It was just the beginning of the day,

Sun at horizon was peeping out,

Giving sign for the day to be pleasant

With a calm wind through out.


Birds had already approached the fields

And the farmers for yields

Mothers were in kitchen

And the cats feeding their kittens.

Dogs were on the walk,

It was six on the clock.


However, I was not so clever

Was still in bed

Waiting for someone to wake me up

Holding in hands a tea cup

It was crazy to be such lazy,

But I never care and neither had a fear.


Then one day I realized, it was late

I had changed my fate

But I thanked god for this changed in my mind

And for making me different from my kind

I was ready to achieve around

And wish to remain always to the ground.



It is the beginning of the day,

All around is reddish sky,

Plants are watered and cattle got food

And I have done everything what I should!

Are you still in bed, come out and feel the cool shed.


Just a Day!!!

Good morning Good morning!!

Oh! It’s the time to wake up!!!

Wake up! Wake Up!

Brush up clean up

Have a shower and freshen up!

Wake up wake up! Up up up!!!

O o oo!! What’s that! Clinch!!!

Toast and sandwich in my fist

Gave a look on my wrist,

It’s getting late, Run to the gate

With bag on side to have fun!

Run! Run run run!!!

Tick tock! Tick tock! School time

Ring ring ring! The bell rang

Miss Hayes, swinging side ways

Was in class to give a lecture

On sun and Jupiterrrrr

The bell rang back!

Finish the lunch quick! Quick quick quick!!!

It’s four! Mamma, open the door!

Should I bike or play a game!

Or play Jackson and copy him same!!

Moon walk and robotic shock!

Nope!!! Today I will do Hip hop! Hip hop hop hop!!!

Stan!  It’s getting late, come in.  Mamma is calling so I am in!

Opened the book, finished the work.

Shark and bark! Division in fraction

Finished the essay with nice diction!

Work done! Food served,

Mash and peas with the topping of bacon,

Yummy!! Before it gets cold, eat! Eat eat eat!!!

Watched the TV, story about Kiwis,

Before the ad saw Dad! Said him hi

I sighed and went to bed

O o!! I don’t want to miss

The good night kiss!

Mom came in asked me to sleep

And turned off the light saying me

Good night good night good night!!!

[If you think my life is so easy than live a day of it]

This is what I do!! :)

I swing, I fly

This is what I do when I feel to cry

I dance, I glow

This is what I do when I am low.


Once a time, I was happy

Had no reason to feel down

But then,

A situation arrived which turned my life


A day of sorrow,

No one was there to share

Life changed, everything went

But got companion who was in

Taught me to live without sin


Was not hard any more,

To grow and grow

To step ahead and flow

Because this is what I do!!


I swing, I fly

This is what I do when I feel to cry

I dance, I glow

This is what I do when I am low.


Take the Chance

Take the chance which give you chance,

To come out of dilemma of thinking about BY-chance!

Enormous moments are passing by you,

Judge them and pick the one,

And stand out of the queue of commons.


Realize it, there is a second of your achieves

Which have tried to keep you back?

But be proud of yourself that to get here,

You kept it pack.


Never forget your dreams are not alone,

They are attached to someone else too.

So take care of them and make them true

And this will make others happy,

As it will do to you.


Take the chance which give you chance,

To come out of dilemma of thinking about BY-chance!

Dreams of Mine

Dreams, an imagination,
Where ever you go
they come with you.

Dreams of mine
Is not very different from them,
Some time praise me and
Some time put me in rain.

Its hard to escape
And also to phrase,
But don’t you think
It make you feel ease.

Since childhood I have seen,
Whole world coming on a virtual screen.
They run with me,
they sing with me
nevertheless they take me
beyond everything.

Dreams, an imagination,
Where ever you go
they come with you