It’s me time!!!

You are here that means you must have some views about my blog. Let it be good or BAD take your moment to share it with me!! 🙂
So will let you know about me a bit!

I started blogging in 2010. Hmm, I came fairway in the blogging world!
You will find here Poems (Hindi and English), paintings or just some personal view and otherwise mentioned it is all mine. You are most welcome here to come, read, leave your views and comments or communicate.
It may be possible you don’t agree on some of my views or it may have hurt you but honestly that has never been intention. It’s not a big worry, Just let me know if any content hurts you or just disturbs you and I will do anything to make things right for both of us. If you have came so far to read this section please do share and leave your feedback. That will encourage me.
Like my Facebook page or follow me on twitter or Just jump on to my Instagram page to see picture taken by me! link are available on side or upper sidebars. I will keep sharing.

Thank for viewing!!!
Abhishek Kumar Mishra


20 thoughts on “It’s me time!!!”

  1. Hi, thank you so much for deciding to follow my blog! It’s wonderful how people can find each other this way, all over the world. Good luck with all your dreams and projects.


    1. Thanks! I am really happy that u enjoyed it and spend this much time at this time of night according to your time zone. I can just thank you. But I am sure at least for now I have to visit your blog more in depth to re-live myself. 😉

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      1. it was pleasure to read something intense that i never really could decorate in my words… thanks for these beautiful deep poems…. glad to visit ua blog…. n yes as i said… welcome to my world of thoughts… 🙂

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  2. Thank you for placing a ‘Like’ on my site Abhishek. I am fascinated by yours. Your English poems gain much by having an attractive mix of English with a Hindi way of speaking. I look forward to reading them more fully later in the week.


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