My distant love

In your love, all I could see in you,
In my solo time,
My thoughts are filled with you,
It is you, who hover in my thoughts,
All day along,
In every second I can count.

I can see myself staring at your image,
Even if I don’t have courage,
I am full on expressive in my dream,
We share same coffee topped up with cream,
Your painted face is over my wall,
Sitting on edge all I do,
Is sit and imagine to talk.

In your love, all I could see in you,
In my solo time,
My thoughts are filled with you.


अपनो का डर!!

डर था हममें अपने घर के बर्बाद होने का
डर था पड़ोसी के पत्थर से खिड़किया टूटने का,
डर था कहीं कोई बाहरी न आ जाये
बन के दीवार अपनो में,
सोचा की अपने छोटे मतभेद को सुलझा लेंगे बातों से,
सोचा था जो न कर सके पूर्वज मेरे,
प्यार से मना लेंगे सबको, अपना बना लेंगे सबको,

क्या हुआ, क्या बदला ?
नव पीढ़ी हिंसक हो चुकी,
हाथ हाथ में ले तलवार लाठी खुद की शीशे तोड़ रहे,
पड़ोसी , बाहरी क्या करेंगे तबाह हमे,
जब खुद से अपनो को जला रहे,
बनता घर अपना अच्छा इससे पहले उसे जला रहे।

राम के नाम पर अल्लाह, और अल्लाह के नाम पर राम
के बसाये संसार को उजाड़ रहे!
जीवन मूल्य खो रहा, इंसान दानव हो रहा,
सोचा शिक्षित हो नई पीढ़ी देश संवारेगी,
बुद्धिमता के बल पर सच झूठ को परखेगी,
लेकिन यहां धरती उल्टी हो रखी,
अक्षर काला हो गया, दो अजनबियों के बातों से,
भाई – भाई का गर्दन रेत रहा।

जो कल कर रहे थे शिक्षा के प्रकाश की बात,
पढ़ लिख कर आज वो, ले मशाल लगा रहे आग,
रो रहा मै, कि किसको क्या समझाऊं,
डिग्रियां शून्य हो गईं कइयों की,
सुन के पागल नेताओं की बात!
सवारने के बदले लगा रहे खुद के घर में आग।


Give me independence,
I want to fly,
As you know what ever I try,
I need my string to be,
In your hand,
Because if you let that go,
I will be snatched,
May be tore apart,
Owned by someone else,
Or I will die.
So give me enough space,
Give me independence,
I am happy to have you some control,
Because I know it is you in end,
Who keeps me sane.
Who allows me space,
Enough so I feel
Independence in Bondage.


इंतेजार था मुझे, थी एक आशा बंधी,
जीता था हर दिन,
हर पल रहती थी ये चाहत,
मिलेगी वो राह चलते,
इस पग पर या उस पथ पर।
कैसे पहचानेगी उन आँखों को,
ये आँखें मेरी,
भय था कि पास आ कर भी,
हो न जाये फिर वो दूर कहीं,
करता था मैं दुआ हर वक़्त उस खुदा से,
रहना नहीं अकेले अब बस मेरे!
कह गया ग़ालिब गुजरते मेरे बगल से,
वक़्त सिर्फ लाता नहीं तोहफे बिना किसी खत के!!

Distant Love

Every time I see that face, 
I just want to kiss that lips,
Kiss those eyes, 
I imagine feeling your breath,
The warmth, 
I want you to hold me, 
And tell me stories,
And I smile looking at that face. 
Those big eyes,
That big smile, 
Makes me question the maker,
Why can’t I fly.

Floating two Straw!!!

Bare foot, I was wondering,
Walking in garden,
Saw her,
Walking her Dog,
With dew in her hair,
From the spider nets,
Within the shades of water droplets,
I got her glance.

I walked to her,
Called her by name,
The meet after 10 years,
Was just like a dream.
Carefully decided on time,
To meet.

The old love sparked,
We remembered those days,
Lucky for me she was still same,
We did hold our hands,
And planned to recreate
What we did at our last meet.
We walked out,

After a while I can feel her breaths,
It was the feel, what we imagined,
The breath of our did appear,
Our breath were warm,
And lips were flickering
The leading kiss was passionate,
The waves were slow,
We floated over it,
As if joined together were two straw.

Demonetization: The other side of story

Social media, access to information (right or wrong) and changing politics has turned us all into critics. Everyone is giving their opinion which they are free to do so and abusing others for their opinion publicly depending on which side they are on which I don’t know how they will justify.  As far as this piece, I know I am giving my opinion as well and turning into a critic and for that call me a HYPOCRITE. Along with all the social change, one thing I am fed of is the logic being used to justify or going against certain changes, bringing references to Indian army in every possible scenario and running away from ground reality. We have created a bubble around us and no one accepts to be in it until they will fall on their face after  the bubble burst.

The situation is not that different in case of a very strong step taken by our PM, “DEMONETIZATION”. Aiming to take a step towards stalling black money growth, it certainly was a huge step and bold move. The thought appeared to be with very good intentions. Personally I appreciate the step. It will make sure that if not all the owners of black money stocks, at least the people who have been invading taxes on their income get penalized for it. The ripple was obvious as it brought tsunami for many, they stared getting rid of the demonetized notes by just throwing it away, shredding it or put their workers in charge for converting some of their black to white which they can keep as black again.

However the step also appears to be politically motivated as it brought a storm for oppositions prior to Uttar Pradesh and Punjab election. However, for me this is not the main concern. Aside to all the tremor it brought, Let us focus on ground which lights up on the fact that this is such an unplanned planned step.

  1. Lot of villages in Bihar, UP, Bengal and other northeast state have still small access to bank and ATM’s forget online banking. My own village has only 1 banks in around 20 km radius. Most of the villagers rely on cash for all the transaction and to get cash of 2000 or 4500 they have to travel for such distance. Farmers, villagers and housewives of semi urban cities life have been tormented by this sudden change and we should not deny this.
  2. This is prime time for agriculture and it has been hit hard. Farmers were about to start sowing wheat and maze and prepare beds for paddy season and the need of cash is something none of us can ignore. Yes government is recent change have stepped up the limit for farmers but when every day is crucial framers are queuing up in banks for days to fulfill their monetary need.
  3. Prime wedding season has also felt the tremor for obvious reasons. While for many it can be a small worry as they have access to online shopping, online payment but a huge population are still unknown to these ways of life. It has taken them a while to plan and execute weddings, collect and loan money and the whole planning going in vain can give anyone a heart attack.
  4. Genuine patients and their families for whom time and money both are crucial are vulnerable to this sudden change. While most part of India government medical institutions are not very reliable and private institution are not taking the old money. Many of those money was saved over a long time  and this step has put them in very tough situation. This is evident from some of the deaths occurred in last few weeks.

If I say that a great plan but with very bad execution and if not bad execution than at least a very bad timing, many of us will agree.

Now the other issue comes when many of us are trying to justify the step and problems incurred due to the change. STOP bringing army, country into everything. I have read statements like

  1. If army can stand at border for all day long why can’t you,
  2. If you say I don’t have black money why should I get troubled than why army should die for you if they don’t have any relation to you and others.

While the service they are providing is commendable and I salute them for that, one should not use them as an example for every situation. As well as it was them who selected to be an army member as their career and they are getting paid for it. I absolutely salute their courage and determination but that should not be used as an example every time to demolish ones opinion.

A lot has been said about the impact on economics and politics so I won’t go into all that but one thing government will face backlash on is the deaths ( patients, farmers and suicides) occurred due to all this and nothing can justify that. Not even the saying that it was all for good cause.

Life is my teacher!!!

​Drips and drops, 

I walk on rocks, 

Living my life in freedom, 

Finding my own spot,

Let the flow be against me,

Let it be as cold it can,

But I find what I wish to, 

In the dark, 

On the hard rock. 

A string is enough for me to balance, 

The focus is on my own strength,

My life has taught me things, 

Everywhere, the splash of knowledge, 

Is what I see!!

Love and Kiss


Word are not something which can say what love is,
The meaning is so hard to put on papers,
It is something which let’s one skip a beat,
Or force the eye shut,
It is something you feel inside,
The love is an orgasm without actually having one.


I am not very clear, I am thought less,
About how I feel while getting kissed,
I am not sure, I even forget,
Who took the first leap,
I just remember the feel, the softness,
I remember the fume of her sweet smell,
The warmth of her breath with my every heartbeat,
I only remember the feel of how she felt.



I know from the day I remember,
I can rely on you,
And I know that you will always be there,
When I will need you.

I might be a gift for you in beginning,
But I know we will be friends for life,
We may fight over something for a while,
But I know we will share every moment.

We started as sisters, we will become friends,
We will guard each other, we will love every second!!